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The bible calls itself the perfect “law of liberty.” For years that name seemed odd to me at best if not completely contradictory. How could a law bring liberty? It was only until I heard this illustration that it made sense. Two people jump from an airplane at 20,000 feet; one has a parachute and the other does not; who is truly free? Most would say that the one without the parachute because they do not have any restrictions. However, the law of gravity is upon that person, they may experience “freedom for a moment” but, they will soon experience the deathly consequences. The one with the parachute is limited in a way, yet they experience freedom over gravity because of the parachute. The second person gets to experience joy in the jump because the law of gravity is broken.

I began looking at pornography regularly in my high school years. Sadly there was not a filter or a blocker on the computer. So for years my home computer was very dangerous. Then I got my own computer, which stayed in my room and college dorm and apartment without any filter. I had freedom to see what ever I wanted yet the freedom was short lived and I am still paying for the consequences of those actions taken in high school and on. Sin looks like freedom that is its lie. It adorns itself with clothes of liberty while secretly putting chains on you.

God puts in his Word that only those who are pure in heart will see the face of God. He also says that if you have lusted in your heart over a woman you have committed adultery. I have broken God’s law. Since going to Restoration Path I have experienced great joy the last few months because I have put restrictions on my phone and computer. I experience great joy knowing that I can hand my phone out or my computer to anyone knowing that there is nothing to be nervous about. I know there is not some picture they may see or a website or a file downloaded. This brings me great joy. It is harder to use my phone at times but it is worth it.

Law of liberty is not a contradiction. The Law of Liberty is the pattern of life God wants his people to live. In this law we can experience relationship with God unhindered, joy, peace, love and restoration. What part of the Law of Liberty are you breaking? How does that freedom feel after you have exercised it? I beg you brother or sister to submit you life to God’s Law and in it you will experience life in abundance.

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  1. Dave Denny January 29, 2013 5:41 pm #

    I truly praise God for your joy in Christ and the deliverance you have experienced. I believe you are saying that you put blocks on your phone and PC out of your obedience to the Perfect Law of Liberty – and that these help you to maintain your purity in obedience to Christ.

    Amen! Praise the Lord! The blocks are a tool that can be helpful. Victory over sin in our lives is a great cause for rejoicing.

    As far as I can tell, I am the chief of sinners. By God’s grace I have not looked at pornography since I was a young teen – long before there was an internet. But my sin problem was not with what might or might not enter me through my eyes. My sin problem is inside me. My heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.

    I seriously considered blocks on my computers, but I knew that they would not be enough for me if I desired to indulge my lust. It seems to me that the heart of the matter is our personal relationship with Christ and our accountability to Him. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” I have learned that whenever I try to overcome sin by my own strength or planning, I fail. I have success when I prostrate myself before the Lord and cry out to him to deliver me. When I pursue him everyday and look into his eyes through his word and prayer – he delivers me and strengthens me so that I am obedient in the moments of temptation I face day by day.

    I am not at all opposed to the blocking system you are utilizing. I think we should do whatever we have to do to stay back from the edge. We have not had TV in our house since the mid 80’s. I am careful about what videos, movies, or books I use. I have sometimes been convicted about comics I enjoyed – and d/c’d them. I have to be very careful – even when looking at online news sites – because of the suggestive material they offer.

    But I think it should be made very clear that there is no device or service or plan that will keep us from being tempted. Only Christ Himself can truly deliver us from our slavery to sin. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and strength and mind. Offer your body to him as a living, holy and acceptable sacrifice.

    It is great to be clean!

    Thanks for your willingness to share your experiences. May God richly bless you as you continue to live for him.

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