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Attack of the armyworms

Attack of the armyworms Joel 2:25 (NKJV) “So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust, my great army which I sent among you. “I’m sorry we have completely sold out of that pesticide.” This is not what the farmer […]

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Deflated Integrity

We have been trying to trick our selves into believing we can hide from God ever since Adam and Eve attempted hide and go seek with the Father. Lets blow up our deluded definition of integrity and let’s try a new and more accurate one. Integrity is what we do when only God is watching.

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Through the Lying Eyes of Pornography-part 2

No longer was I a scared survivor medicating with pictures or videos of women or with relationships with other women. I’m a tenderhearted warrior!! Ready to fight!! I stand in the gap backed by The Sovereign God.

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Through the Lying Eyes of Pornography/Part one:

I struggled through many relationships in my early adulthood. Rejection after rejection made my escape to pornography a habit. I didn’t have to wonder what those women thought. Their eyes were always approving. Never rejecting. I feared rejection so much I often, very painfully, broke off relationships so I could say I wasn’t the one to get dumped.

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Slavery-part 1

Freedom. A word that Americans feel such a deep connection with, but seem to have such little comprehension of. Sexual addiction had its grips on my life for 20 years. For a 30-year-old man that number is haunting and large. Society and opportunity both gave me “freedom” to make the choices to lead a life full of sexual sin. However, the truth of the matter was my addiction was slavery.

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My Journey to Freedom-Part Two

Everyone’s relationship with their sexual sin is different. Learning how to cope with denying myself was akin to a dope fiend going through withdrawal. I literally had to detoxify myself of all the mess in my life. Coming to the realization that my addiction wasn’t about what it was about made everything much clearer, also. Setting boundaries and limiting opportunities for slip-ups became a priority as I sought to walk as a true kingdom man.

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Journey to Freedom Part 1

On the tablet of my being different people were etching a story for me whose theme was not one I would have chosen. As the abuse continued, I considered it a “normal” part of my existence; something I even began to look forward to.

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Everyday Heroes

There will never be another Derek Jeter and none of us will ever experience the life he has. There is however another type of hero that goes unnoticed everyday and in some ways the feats he/she has to accomplish are more difficult and insurmountable than any act a super-star athlete has to face. He or she is the Everyday Hero.

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There is a more subtle form of abuse of women and children that occurs everyday and receives little to no attention. As a matter of fact it is encouraged, promoted and millions of dollars are spent marketing it.

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Technology, Youth and the Role of the Church

Her experience with the effects of early exposure to pornography came through her husband’s journey of recovery from sexual addiction. She knew her husband’s story and how early exposure to porn had generated an intense craving and altered the way his brain processed information and stress. She was prepared to do what ever it took to protect her son’s mind, body and soul.

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