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The Josh Duggar Effect- Trapped by your “Testimony”

Our testimony is never a statement about us but always about Jesus. It should never define us, control us or eliminate grace from our lives. When our past “testimony” controls our ability to be honest and makes our Christian walk a façade, then we are no longer walking by faith but by fear and the approval of others.

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God being God

We often through various means try to place constraints and limits upon God’s behavior. God will not respond nor will He respect our frail attempts to “box” him in. In other words, sometimes God acts like Manny Ramirez and does things that can only be explained as “God being God.”

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Slavery- Part 2- Finding True Freedom

The blessing for me is my restoration is not built on some “spiritual high” that will fade. God’s grace is sufficient for everything that any of us are struggling with and whatever wasteland we have created he will give us a stream that provides life. What we do with that life is our choice. Gods grace is sufficient, but it’s his truth that will set us free. One of my favorite worship songs says it this way “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free. My savior, God, has ransomed me. And like a flood, his mercy rains. Unending love, Amazing Grace”. Today, I choose a true freedom.

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Slavery-part 1

Freedom. A word that Americans feel such a deep connection with, but seem to have such little comprehension of. Sexual addiction had its grips on my life for 20 years. For a 30-year-old man that number is haunting and large. Society and opportunity both gave me “freedom” to make the choices to lead a life full of sexual sin. However, the truth of the matter was my addiction was slavery.

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Journey to Freedom Part 1

On the tablet of my being different people were etching a story for me whose theme was not one I would have chosen. As the abuse continued, I considered it a “normal” part of my existence; something I even began to look forward to.

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Helpful Recovery Tips from Sexual Addiction Tip #4: Talk it out

Sexual sin is developed in a secret, set aside, compartmentalized world. Sexual sin has a difficult time surviving in the world of reality and truth. Having safe people to confide in will represent that reality for you.

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Restoration Path ministers to Christian men and women trapped in sexual and relational sin. Sexual sin does not respect boundaries. It assaults even our spiritual leaders. In the next few weeks you will be reading the real life story of a pastor who is in the fight to defeat this very personal affliction. The content […]

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