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Slavery-part 1

Freedom. A word that Americans feel such a deep connection with, but seem to have such little comprehension of. Sexual addiction had its grips on my life for 20 years. For a 30-year-old man that number is haunting and large. Society and opportunity both gave me “freedom” to make the choices to lead a life full of sexual sin. However, the truth of the matter was my addiction was slavery.

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My Journey to Freedom-Part Two

Everyone’s relationship with their sexual sin is different. Learning how to cope with denying myself was akin to a dope fiend going through withdrawal. I literally had to detoxify myself of all the mess in my life. Coming to the realization that my addiction wasn’t about what it was about made everything much clearer, also. Setting boundaries and limiting opportunities for slip-ups became a priority as I sought to walk as a true kingdom man.

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Journey to Freedom Part 1

On the tablet of my being different people were etching a story for me whose theme was not one I would have chosen. As the abuse continued, I considered it a “normal” part of my existence; something I even began to look forward to.

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Everyday Heroes

There will never be another Derek Jeter and none of us will ever experience the life he has. There is however another type of hero that goes unnoticed everyday and in some ways the feats he/she has to accomplish are more difficult and insurmountable than any act a super-star athlete has to face. He or she is the Everyday Hero.

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Helpful Recovery Tips from Sexual Addiction Tip #5: Seeking help

If you fall off a ladder repeatedly then you would be injured and require a time of healing as well as instruction to keep from re-injuring yourself. The same is true for the recovery from sexual sin. You have injured yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and relationally. You need someone to direct your healing journey and that will not be you.

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Helpful Recovery Tips from Sexual Addiction Tip #4: Talk it out

Sexual sin is developed in a secret, set aside, compartmentalized world. Sexual sin has a difficult time surviving in the world of reality and truth. Having safe people to confide in will represent that reality for you.

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Helpful Recovery Tips from Sexual Addiction Tip #3: Pray it out

One of the goals of recovery is to strengthen your dependency upon God and decrease self-reliance. That process begins with prayer.

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Helpful Recovery Tips from Sexual Addiction Tip #2: Keep a journal

Sexual sin grows in a secret compartmentalized place that we protect from reality. Dismantling this idol will involve exposing it to the reality of God’s Truth, confronting lies and assessing the cost of sexual sin. This healing process will involve the practice of writing it out, praying it out and talking it out.

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February Newsletter – Restored Hope: A Wife’s Journey

Wives of sexual addicts are the most misunderstood group in our churches today. They are often overlooked, misunderstood, and mislabeled. They are overlooked when the husband’s addiction is revealed and the primary focus becomes getting him on the right path. Here is a comment from one of our recent participants. “The wives video intensive has […]

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June 2013 Newsletter

NOTICE: This newsletter is a little longer than usual. In light of recent events such as the closing of Exodus International and the attack on ministries and churches that deal with unwanted same sex attraction, I felt the need to address a certain component of this issue. I could not do that in a short […]

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