Special January Newsletter – A Pastor’s Testimony

Sexual sin knows no limits or boundaries regarding its reach, influence or traps. We live in a sexually fallen world with an instant delivery system through the internet, smart phones, tablets and lap tops. We no longer have to seek out sexual temptations in the “sleazy” parts of town. We no longer have to worry about someone viewing us purchasing the magazines in the brown wrappers. We don’t have to seek after it because it will seek you out in your daily walk. Sexual temptation reaches into the lives of the very young and vulnerable as well as the mature adult. It has no respect for one’s calling or occupation. It cares not about your education level or specialized training. Sexual temptation’s main target is to destroy those that belong to Christ’s Kingdom and His service. Satan knows if he can destroy the leader of a flock then the flock will lose its direction and become dismayed and discouraged. The pastor shepherd that carries the struggle of sexual sin does so in fear and shame that he may lose his calling. He too needs the truth of God’s forgiveness and restoration. The following is brief testimony from a pastor who is not only walking in the freedom from sexual sin but also from the burdens of guilt, shame and fear.

“I am a Pastor and have struggled with pornography for most of my young life. God did a great work on my heart when I was finally caught looking at porn and went to see David. Christ broke my pleasure seeking heart as David and I sat together for four days. After those intense hours spent with a good brother, I was able to forgive others and accept the forgiveness of God. I have been given tools that help me fight sexual temptations. Through Christ’s work in my heart and using an older Christian man I am sexually healthier than I have ever been. My marriage is better, my ministry is healthier, and my relationship with Christ is holier.

Praise God for Restoration Path!  I pray for my friend David Jones often and I pray that God would bring up hundreds more like him to help men fight porn in the power of Christ.”  

Helpful Advice for the struggler:

I asked the guys in my Monday night support group what advice they would give to someone struggling with sexual sin. Here is one of the comments.

“David, I have said it and have heard it countless times that to know there was a group out “there”, like what we have on Monday nights, lets guys know that there is a place they can go to listen and talk with guys that have similar problems.  To know that you don’t have to be alone in this struggle is encouraging especially when you hear there are victories to be had.”

Christian men struggling with sexual sin most often do so in fear and isolation. They need to know there are other men out there in the same battle and they need a message of hope. You cannot defeat this battle alone. Seek out safe Godly men that have set the goal to pursue purity and will come along side you in the fight.

About Restoration Path

Restoration Path is a Christian discipleship ministry that exists to restore those trapped in sexual and relational sin through the power of Jesus Christ. Through our online workshop, individual biblical counseling, support groups, custom Intensive programs, we seek to empower men and women to embrace their identity in Christ. Our passion is to encourage people to posture themselves to receive God’s healing in their deep areas of emotional wounding, learn to meet their relational needs in healthy ways, and make good choices that harmonize with their deeply felt moral convictions. We encourage you to browse our list of programs and contact us with any questions. Click here to read more ...

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