Slavery-part 1

The world system describes sexual behavior as a place to express your freedom without any boundaries or consequences. This appeals to our sinful nature as well as our American heritage of freedom for all and your right to pursue your own happiness. In reality sexual behavior without constraint becomes sin and sin often becomes addiction and slavery. For the next 2 weeks you will hear the true story of a man who was raised in a Christian home and healthy church but became trapped in the slavery of sexual addiction.

David Jones
Restoration Path Ex. Director

Isaiah 43:19– See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up: Do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

Freedom. A word that Americans feel such a deep connection with, but seem to have such little comprehension of. Sexual addiction had its grips on my life for 20 years. For a 30-year-old man that number is haunting and large. Society and opportunity both gave me “freedom” to make the choices to lead a life full of sexual sin. However, the truth of the matter was my addiction was slavery.

My story begins, like so many, with an early exposure to pornography. Sometimes I hear of men who say early exposure was forced on them, but in my experience I was seeking it for myself. All of my youth I hid what I was doing. Developing into adolescence brought more secrets and hiding. I lost my virginity in the upstairs classroom of my church in the 8th grade. What is even more hideous is the fact that THIS YEAR was the first time I ever told anyone. Through my whole dating life I never was faithful to a girlfriend. I always kept girls on the side, in secret. When I was 17 my father/spiritual mentor died. My sexual sin deepened as I tried to seek my manly affirmation from girls. Going to college at a Christian school deepened my secret keeping. Hiding pornography, seeking secret places to do unholy things with women all feed into my addiction. This pattern held me hostage all through my early 20’s.

I started to date the woman of my dreams when I was 27. The grip of my addiction was so great I couldn’t step away from the lifestyle I had created. SLAVERY. I had a wonderful job and a beautiful fiancé by the time I was 29. My lies and secrets about my sins, and one in particular with another woman involved with my work, lead to me losing a job that I love dearly. After I was almost caught with that other woman, my wife, who kept me regardless, caught me with pornography. I was using pornography as a maintenance drug. She kicked me out of the house after being married for less than a 100 days. I had destroyed my career and the intimacy with the most beautiful and loving woman I had ever known. My addiction, my idol, my slave master lead me to pain, suffering, and death. Above all this had lead to lack intimacy with God. It drove me directly into a cave. It was time to be redefined and reassigned. (Continued in part 2 next week.)

Author- Anonymous

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