Goldfish Devotionals by David JonesGoldfish Devotionals
By J. David Jones

We all live in a fast pace world and very often we don’t take the time for a daily devotional or Bible study. It is the hope that these short nuggets will create a hunger to feast upon God’s Word in a more in-depth fashion. I hope you will laugh out loud at some of these entries, be challenged by others and appreciate my Southern antidotes as well as tales from my past. The main focus of all the entries is to glorify God, His word and encourage a stronger relationship with Him.

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Ten Truths Wives Need to Know
By J. David Jones

The Ten Truths Wives Need to Know is written for Christian wives who find themselves married to a Christian sex addict. The content focuses upon the truths that these women need to know in order to find healing and restoration. Sexual addicts need to develop lies that protect the secret world of sexual sin. These lies most greatly affect the wife. The longer these lies are promoted, the more distant reality is for the wife. This writing begins to expose those lies to His truth. This book is not about the sexual addict and understanding his plight. This book is for the many Christian women who struggle with the pain of this betrayal in silence.

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The Blessing of the Thorn
By: J. David Jones

The Blessing of the Thorn deals with the topic of sexually addicted Christian men. Readers will come away with a Biblical understanding of sexual idolatry as well as its root issues. It gives real life struggles and practical applications for the addict, family members and the church body. The book is written in hope that it will take the mystery out of sexual addiction and provide a message of hope for the struggler and those close to him.

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The Top Ten Lies Sex Addicts Tell Themselves
By: J. David Jones

The Top Ten Lies Sex Addicts tell Themselves exposes some of the lies that Christian sex addicts tell themselves in order to protect their relationship with their sexual idol. If you tell someone a lie long enough then over time they will come to believe that lie. The addict originally bought into the lie that his sexual sin would not hurt anyone. This lie was coupled with other worldly distortions of truth and reinforced over time. These lies became the protective walls that his sexual idol hides behind. This wall of lies can only be demolished through exposure to God’s truth. The intent of this book to begin bringing down those walls.

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The Blessing of the Thorn can also be purchased as an e-book – click the link below.

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