One-on-One Counseling

Face-to-face, telephone and Skype counseling for individuals or families dealing with sexual and relational brokenness.

Individual biblical counseling is available for individuals, couples and families that are dealing with various relational issues. This option is appropriate for individuals and families that are not in need of the intensity of our 6 Week Distance Counseling or 4Day Intensive. This level of counseling is also utilized as part our after care program. Restoration Path encourages individuals to seek face to face counseling in their area but when this is not available, we provide telephone or internet counseling.

Initial Assessment:

Are you unsure of what Restoration Path programs options might best suit your needs, or what other sources of help you ought to pursue in your recovery? Schedule an initial assessment with one of our counselors and get vital feedback on how to proceed.


Our fee is $75 per hour long session


To set up an hourly counseling appointment, please contact us at (901) 751-2468 or contact us online.