Restoration Path provides individualized intensive programs for men that help accelerate the healing process and recovery of sexual addiction.

“This 4Day Intensive was exactly what I needed to jump start my recovery.” – 4Day Client

“My life and marriage have never been the same since I went through the 4Day Intensive.” – 4Day Client

Intensives are provided for men struggling with sexual and relational sin. This set aside time promotes the healing by getting at the core of root issues that the addiction has fed upon. This option is most effective for men that are ready to deal with their barriers to intimacy with God and others. Practical tools and instruction are provided that can be integrated into each client’s support system. These intensives are scheduled throughout the year.

You will have the opportunity to meet face to face or through Skype with a Master’s level biblical counselor for either 3 or 4 days. In this process you are virtually getting one year of counseling. The teachings and processes that take place are specifically designed for your needs. We know that many times the shame and pain of sexual addiction has driven many people into silence. Therefore, our sessions offer lengths of time for your needs to be met and for your continual care to be completed through our after-care program.

Program Features:

  • Unique Approach – Every person is different, and so is every Intensive! Each workshop is hand-tailored for the needs of the individual client.
  • Concentrated Focus – Each client receives up to 30 hours of one-on-one attention from a Restoration Path counselor.
  • Flexible Scheduling – The workshop is schedule individually when you are ready to start, depending on our counselors’ availability.

Program Options

4-Day Intensive –For men dealing with sexual addiction and ready to deal with the core issues of their addiction- $2000 (Price does not include transportation or lodging)

  • Face to Face with Restoration Path Counselor
  • Distance Counseling Videos and Workboo
  • Plan and Goals for 2 Year plan of restoration
  • Monthly follow up via telephone and/or Skype for 1 year

3 Day Intensive – Focus for men dealing with sexual addiction and have no sobriety: $1,200 (price does not include transportation or lodging)

3 Day Skype Intensive –21 hours of counseling via Skype – $900 (savings regarding travel, lodging, and meals)

3 Types of Skype Intensives are available:

  • Sexual Addiction for Men: This is for men that are just beginning their recovery from sexual addiction and need the jump start and effective tools to walk a sober and pure lifestyle.
  • Co-Addict or Wives: This is for wives of addicts who are new to recovery. Focus on starting recovery, understanding their addiction cycle, triggers, accountability, Strategic Plan of Action (SPA), dealing with slips, slides and relapse.
  • Intimacy Disorder for both Men & Wives: This is for both men and wives that have completed the first 2 workshops and have (at least 3 months) sobriety. This can be for men or women that have been in active recovery and want to have improved intimacy with God and others. Focuses on barriers to intimacy, dealing with lies, defense mechanisms or walls we build, learn to use BSC tool.

Program Topics

Depending on the individual’s needs, some of the topics covered may include:

  • Identity in Christ
  • Understanding your core wounds
  • Learning why you do the things you do
  • Releasing guilt and shame
  • Barriers to healthy intimacy with God and others
  • Confronting false belief systems (replacing lies with God’s truth)
  • Surrendering to God
  • Beginning the process of forgiveness
  • Applying boundaries with yourself and others
  • Maintaining sobriety
  • Practicing effective Spiritual Warfare
  • Dealing with sexual and non-sexual triggers

Lodging and Cost


We have a list of recommended area hotels that we will send you with the acceptance packet.

Applying to the Intensive

To apply for the Intensive, you can click here. Complete the application and submit either by mail, fax (901) 751-1922 or email

If you would like more information regarding Intensives, please don’t hesitate to contact Restoration Path at (901) 751-2468 or email