“I am a Pastor and have struggled with pornography for most of my young life. God did a great work on my heart when I was finally caught looking at porn and went to see David. Christ broke my pleasure seeking heart as David and I sat together for four days. After those intense hours spent with a good brother, I was able to forgive others and accept the forgiveness of God. I have been given tools that help me fight sexual temptations. Through Christ’s work in my heart and using an older Christian man I am sexually healthier than I have ever been. My marriage is better, my ministry is healthier, and my relationship with Christ is holier. Praise God for Restoration Path!  I pray for my friend David Jones often and I pray that God would bring up hundreds more like him to help men fight porn in the power of Christ.”

Restoration Path – Online Workshop

Restoration Path provides a distance counseling workshop designed for at-home counseling. It is designed for men that struggle with sexual and relational addictions.

It is a six week program that includes 13 video teachings, a customized workbook and 6 counseling sessions with your counselor via phone or Skype.

Cost of the program is $500.

These teachings are developed to bring you a “nuts and bolts” approach for walking away from sexual sin and living in the freedom and purity that you desire. The format is very straight forward. Each week you watch the assigned video teachings and complete the corresponding assignments in your work book. The work you completed will be reviewed with your Restoration Path counselor during your weekly Skype session. The last 2 weeks will be spent on completing your individualized plan of action that will fit into your local support system. Participants that are already involved in counseling and support groups may continue without interruption during their workshop time.

Some of the topics covered during your workshop are:

  • Actual cost and potential gain
  • Honesty
  • Powerlessness and Unmanageability
  • Moral Inventory
  • Sexual addiction relationship line
  • Sexual idolatry modes
  • Psalm 51
  • Sexual addiction cycle
  • Guidelines for Identifying Sexual Triggers
  • Thorn in the flesh
  • Accountability-utilizing the men of grace
  • Shame
  • Recovery process
  • Non-sexual triggers
  • Strategic Plan of Action Workbook

You can begin your healing and recovery today. Has your sexual cost you enough? If so then now is the time to take action. Click above to begin your workshop today. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.