Psalm 51: 5-6 God’s Truth Penetrates

David recognized that the depths of his sin nature went all the way to his DNA makeup. He also desired God’s truth and wisdom to penetrate to the core of his being. He didn’t just want a head knowledge or cleansing, he wanted and needed his heart to be washed and changed. Successful Repentance and recovery from sinful rebellion can only come about through a heart change.

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Psalm 51: 3-4 Walking with a limp

When we repent, God does wash and cleanse us from the stain of those sins but the consequences for those sins may still remain. God can empower us to deal with those consequences through His unfailing love, mercy and grace. If you “walk with a limp” then you will need to lean upon something. Leaning upon our Father will empower us to deal with the long term consequences of our rebellion.

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Psalm 51: God’s pattern for restoration and redemption: verses 1-2

Psalm 51 is God’s pattern for His redemption, mercy and forgiveness. You may believe you have exceeded His mercy because of repetitive sins in your life but this Psalm gives us reassurance of His ability to cover a multitude of sins.

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