Morality-Who Needs It?

Must one lose a job over infidelity?

updated 12:30 PM EST, Sun November 18, 2012
(CNN) — Should David Petraeus — or anyone, for that matter — lose a job because of marital infidelity? Four experts weigh in.

Larry Flynt: Stop being the morality police

It’s “Zippergate” all over again. When will Americans realize that an active libido has no effect on how someone runs a government agency? How many leaders in the past — whether it’s in politics, business or other settings — have done a fine job in spite of having an extramarital affair? We need to cease being the morality police and accept the fact that we’re all human beings.

What’s more, in the uniform code of military justice, adultery can be deemed a crime. As long as such archaic laws are part of any justice system, it makes it impossible to move out of the dark ages.

We are living in a society where over half of all marriages end in divorce. Why should it surprise anyone that adultery is commonplace? The best thing the arbiters of decency and good taste can do is to stay out of other people’s lives. The greatest right that any nation can afford its people is the right to be left alone.

Larry Flynt, a prominent advocate of First Amendment rights, is chairman of the Hustler brand, which includes adult magazines, broadcasting, Internet, retail, gaming and entertainment businesses.

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My first thought upon reading this CNN article is “When did Larry Flynt become an expert on morality, fidelity and honor.” Based upon the products his company produces, I would see him more as an expert in immorality, infidelity, and dishonor. Biblically based morality draws a line and says that crossing over this line is now a sin. Fidelity means that one is committed, dedicated and devoted to one person or cause. Honor finds it core and roots wrapped around the word honesty. The concept of integrity is interwoven throughout all of these.

Most people believe that the United States is a post-Christian country. We no longer view the Bible as the standard for morality. Without a moral compass and clearly defined moral lines then why shouldn’t we expect our leaders and citizens to “sin?” I am sorry I shouldn’t have called something a sin because it might offend someone. Well guess what? The Bible is offensive. It offends my sinful nature and tells me it is not good for me to cross over those lines. 30 years ago, a news organization would have chosen Billy Graham as one of the 4 experts to interview for this article. I don’t know the people in this article nor do I know their religious beliefs but I can assure you they are not biblical experts.

Larry Flynt wants us to stop being the morality police. Morality is defined as the rightness or wrongness of something as judged by accepted moral standards. Well, I guess Larry is right. The bible is no longer our standard bearer for morality. The lines for rightness or wrongness are strictly based upon what man decides is acceptable. I am old enough to remember the time when honor, integrity, dedication and devotion really meant something and not just words that someone places on a piece of paper. Who needs morality when we have experts like Larry Flynt giving us guidance? Who needs morality? We do. If God’s standards are not our structure and foundation then that means man fills that void. Check your history lesson and find me a nation or culture that survived when they made man god. It is time for us as a nation to recognize that we make very poor gods. Revival can begin when we accept His moral standards. None of us are capable of meeting God’s moral standards and that is why he sent his Son to do that for us. When God’s moral standard is removed then we have no need for a savior because we can save ourselves.

Who needs morality? We do.

Author: David Jones, MS
Restoration Path Ministry Director


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