March 2014 Newsletter – Slips, Slides and Falls

I have facilitated a support group for Christian men dealing with sexual sin for over 10 years. I look forward tMountainso this group each week because the level of honesty and commitment to healing and restoration demonstrated by these men is refreshing and real. One of the goals of this group is for each member to pursue purity or holiness. It is not the pursuit of perfection but to set your goals or sights on purity in mind, heart, and behavior. To set our goal as anything less than that would be moving toward compromise and not holiness or purity. Let me give you a word picture that may help you understand this goal. Imagine you are standing at the foot of a large mountain and as you gaze upon it you see several plateaus at varying heights. What stands out, however, is the grandness of this mountain’s peak. One option is to set your sights upon one of the lower and less daunting plateaus that you know you can reach without much stress or difficulty. Another option is to set your goal upon reaching the peak. That peak represents purity and holiness. The lower plateaus fall short and represent compromise. As we go through this scenario keep in mind I am not referring to salvation but to our spiritual walk or journey. Our walk is meant to follow the path of sanctification, which means “to be set aside for a holy purpose”. In order to follow this path we must place our sights and goals upon the mountain peak of holiness and purity. In many churches today we have become so user and seeker friendly that we don’t challenge our body to pursue purity in fear they leave in search of an easier journey.

Romans 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. (NKJV)

Let’s take a look at what happens when someone takes the path to pursue purity. Through any journey we will experience slips, slides and falls. If we learn from each of these then we become stronger and wiser in future steps. This also is very true for anyone who is dealing with the issue of sexual and relational sin. Because we live in a fallen world that utilizes numerous venues of sexual temptation, we will have mental slips. This occurs when our minds take in or recall a sexually charged image and or event. When you experience a mental slip it is an opportunity to conduct spiritual warfare and bring that thought into obedience. In many cases, because the image is pleasurable, we will stash the image away to be enjoyed at a later time. In other cases the individual will shame themselves for having that image. As each slip occurs the shame builds and the person eventually goes to the next step. In the pursuit of purity we will also experience slides. Slides occur when the mental image “slides” into your heart. When this occurs, the individual will lust or covet the image or images that were stored in his brain. The person has now crossed the line into sinful behavior. This is an opportunity to be honest with themselves, others and God. This honesty allows the same pattern noted with slips. Some times along the sanctification path we will fall into sin. When someone falls they will injure themselves. When we fall into sexual sin behavior we will injure ourselves as well as those close to us. When you fall you cannot jump back up and start up the mountain. You need time to heal. Many people who fall into sexual sin will seek a quick fix and there is no quick fix. You need a time to heal and a recovery plan in order to learn from your fall. You will also need time to recover and heal the relationships you have harmed through your rebellion. I wonder what our churches would look like if we all stopped and honestly dealt with each slip, slide and fall?

You or someone you love may be in a pattern of repeated sexual falls. You may struggle with the constant attack of mental slips. You may fear the persistent slides into lusting will consume and drive you into a sexual fall. There is an answer and that answer begins with brokenness, surrender, and honesty. If you or someone you love is trapped in sexual sin and is ready to begin the journey of healing then give us a call. God can and still does heal and restore those wounded by the effects of sexual sin.


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