Journey to Freedom Part 1

Journey to Freedom
Part 1

Sexual addiction has no respect for race, religion, education or social position. Over the next 2 weeks you will read the testimony of a Godly African American husband and father who is walking in freedom and taking back the ground that sexual sin had stolen from him. I hope you are both encouraged and challenged by his Journey to Freedom.
David Jones, Executive Director

My Journey to Freedom-Part One
Growing up in the buckle of the Bible Belt was a gift whose importance I cannot overstate. Most African American families like mine were church-going. My mother was a Sunday school teacher. My step-father attended regularly, and my biological father directed the choir at his respective house of prayer. It allowed me to have the opportunity to learn about Jesus at an early age. It gave me the chance to be around worship, praise, and fiery, Baptist preaching. During after-church suppers of fried chicken, chitlins, yams, and greens, I would hear older family members exclaim, “Didn’t Rev. preach today?”

“Sho’ ‘nuf did, child!”

“The Holy Ghost showed up and showed out!” another would chime in.

As I recall those memories, there are others that are in the corner of my mind that are not so pleasant. Many of these same people who were talking about how good the Lord was were also NOT talking about some very serious issues that proved to be a cancer in our family. It began to infect me and manifest itself in my life by the time I was only a four-year old.

Four teenaged female family members began to experiment with me sexually when I began my kindergarten year. I had no idea of what was going on, or even why it was happening. I couldn’t understand it at that time, but I was sucked into a world of misery and mayhem that would not let me go for many, many years. I would remain a prisoner of myself and the dark forces that would attempt to control my every action. And the worst part of it was that I liked it somewhere deep inside my twisted little mind.

On the tablet of my being different people were etching a story for me whose theme was not one I would have chosen. As the abuse continued, I considered it a “normal” part of my existence; something I even began to look forward to. In addition to the family members, there was a young 5th grade substitute teacher who used to bring select boys to the restroom for “counseling.” To me it was nothing new, more of the same. By that time I thought it was the way things were supposed to be.

After my family moved, the abuse from the family members stopped, but I didn’t have to wait long for the deviant and devilish to present itself to me. By that time my biological father began to show renewed interest in me. He happened to have adult magazines and pornographic videos in plain sight. The dirty magazines were displayed on the coffee table along with “Ebony,” “Sports Illustrated,” and “Esquire.” The pornographic movies were shelved right beside “48 Hours,” “Star Wars III,” and “Ghost Busters.” Why he thought that was acceptable, I’ll never know. Therefore, when I went to spend the occasional week with him during the summer months, I had ready access to as much filth as I wanted. Around the age of 13, my father gave me “the talk” by presenting me with a box of condoms and asking if I knew how to use them. I told him I did. He advised if I needed more to just ask. The devil was tightening his grip.

Beyond that, my step-father bought a satellite dish, much to my delight. It was my job to find the adult channels for him and mark them on the dish crank with special notches so that he’d know where they were if I wasn’t at home to find them for him. So many nights as he and my mother watched the porn in their bedroom in the back of the house, I’d be watching the same movie in the front of the house while munching chips and sipping soda. I was in a hole that knew no bottom. I kept falling deeper and deeper. (Part one concludes)
Author- Anonymous

We will be sharing part 2 of My Journey to Freedom next week. If you or someone you know is struggling with the effects of sexual sin. If your church is ready to not only address but also assault the plague of sexual sin. Then give us a call and we will fight with you.

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