God being God

God being God

Manny Ramirez was a professional baseball player who was known for doing and saying things that could often be perceived as odd or different. These occurrences became so frequent that his mangers and fellow players began to describe this behavior as “Manny being Manny.” In essence they were saying it was part of his character and nature to act this way and it could not be explained as conventional behavior. No mater how many attempts were made through various managers and ball teams, Manny just kept doing things his unconventional way. We often through various means try to place constraints and limits upon God’s behavior. God will not respond nor will He respect our frail attempts to “box” him in. In other words, sometimes God acts like Manny Ramirez and does things that can only be explained as “God being God.”

There are times I wish I had a video camera connected to my eyes to record and play back various events throughout my life where God had demonstrated “out of the box” and unconventional behavior. These experiences just don’t carry the same impact without you having been there and verbal descriptions just seem to fall short. I am a fairly logical person who has been trained to assess situations and develop a course of action that best suits the care and benefit of others. Through this process you become aware that there are limitations regarding some people’s prognosis and ability to change or overcome certain issues in their lives that may have become chronic or are a part of their character. These times of supposed limitations are the events where I have witnessed God do illogical and out of the box behavior. I have witnessed people overcome deeply rooted character flaws that keep them distant from others and now walk in freedom and loving fellowship with God and others. I have witnessed people bound in the chains of sexual sin who lacked any self-control regarding their sexual impulses who have been set free and empowered by God’s Spirit to choose purity and holiness each day. I wish I could replay all these situations for not only you that believe in God’s unlimited power but also for those who claim God as impotent and distant. I can easily become frustrated with those who claim God cannot do this or that and we need to just accept these human defined limitations.
I hope you get a chance to witness “God being God” and working outside man’s box. If you are the one struggling, I want to tell you that He cannot be manipulated into action but you must first humble your self and seek His goodness and mercy. God still does amazing things. Don’t let the world convince you other wise. Many people would chuckle to themselves when Manny would do his unorthodox behaviors. When God does His unorthodox behavior we should be humbled and in awe and wonder of His greatness. Will you surrender your frail attempts at change today and seek the One who spoke the universe into existence? There may be parts of your heart that are deadened and hardened due to the harshness of life. The same power that brought Jesus back to life still exists today and can bring life to the dead scar tissue around your wounded spirit. Start your own video recording today of the amazing work of God being God.
David Jones, Executive Director Restoration Path

If you or a loved one finds yourself struggling with the dishonest world of sexual sin, then give us a call. We would be glad to work through the journey of healing with you. You can find out more about our services at www.restoratiopath.org


About David Jones

David is a Memphis native and lives with his wife of 25 years and two children. David has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Memphis. He has worked in mental health for over 30 years with adolescents and adults in inpatient, outpatient, and residential settings. For the past 15 years David’s primary focus has been working with men and their spouses in intensive sexual addiction workshops.

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