December 2013 Newsletter – Christmas Humility

by: David Jones, Executive Director

Three Wise MenWhen you have worked in the “people business” for as long as I have then you will hear many concerning statements that are uttered by individuals and groups. The most concerning statement I have heard repeated recently from generations younger than myself is “It’s just not that big of a deal to us.” At first glance this statement may appear very graceful in its position. It could be applied to areas in our past where we have struggled with legalism and rigidity and now view it through the lens of grace. In the past, the length of someone’s hair and the clothes they wore were used as standards of acceptability within the church community. Today, “it’s just not that big of a deal to us” and ones’ attire and hairstyle are more often viewed though grace and inclusion. I could give you numerous examples where this statement could be deemed positive and God honoring. My concern is when this statement is made regarding the compromise of Godly standards and laws. I am concerned when a popular politician is caught in an extra marital affair and the response is to say “it is not a big deal.” I am concerned when Christian teenagers engage in every sexual activity except full intercourse, call themselves virgins, and respond with a “no big deal” attitude. I am concerned when the fastest growing users of internet pornography are young females and you guessed it, no big deal. I am concerned when the number one book in the country is detailing the sexual exploits of some guy named Grey. Even more concerning is one of the top consumers of this book are females who identify themselves as born again believers. I could continue with this list and I am sure you could add some of your own. How did we get here? The answer is simple; compromise. We have created repeated patterns of compromise with each passing generation and moved further from God’s standards. Through the principle of sowing and reaping, compromise begets more compromise. Generational compromising moves further away from integrity and God honoring behavior. Throughout the history of man we have seen these patterns repeated and the only answer came through true revival.

Proverbs 3:34 Surely He scorns the scornful, But gives grace to the humble. (NKJV)

One thing is clear. God always works through, blesses, and uses those that are humble. Through the story of Jesus’ birth we see 3 sets of humble people God used to serve His purpose. First, there was Mary and Joseph who were born into a humble setting and demonstrated this through their actions. Secondly, the shepherds were cast into their lowly and humble position due to their occupation and responded to God’s calling. Lastly, there were the wise men that were neither born nor casted into a humble life. They did, however, choose to humble themselves before the King of Kings. There is another example of humility which is not in the Christmas story and that is Moses. Moses grew up in wealth and prestige but was brought to humility through 40 years of shepherd work. It was through humility that God could then use him for His purpose.

If we are to escape this pattern of compromise and receive true revival we must first humble ourselves. Some of us may be humbled because we were born into a humble setting. This is often the case with Christians in countries where persecution is pervasive. Some of us are humbled through the roles or occupation we are cast into or given. This may be the case with Christians in poverty ridden countries. Even rarer is the one who is born into prosperity and chooses the path of humility. My fear is if we do not choose to humble ourselves then we will be put into the position that Moses experienced. When Mary was told by the angel what would happen to her, she responded in Luke 1: 38 “Let it be to me according to your word.” Mary did not scorn God’s purpose and plan for her. She humbly received it. If we continue to scorn God’s Word by trying to make it “not a big deal” then Proverbs 3:34 makes it clear what He will do. Revivals start with God’s people humbling themselves before Him and that begins with us as individuals. My prayer is you will take on the humility of Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds and choose the humility of the wise men. Let there be revival and let it be a “big deal”.

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Have a blessed and merry Christmas and we will see you next year.

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