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Deflated Integrity

We have been trying to trick our selves into believing we can hide from God ever since Adam and Eve attempted hide and go seek with the Father. Lets blow up our deluded definition of integrity and let’s try a new and more accurate one. Integrity is what we do when only God is watching.

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There is a Dead Fish on my Wall

Marriages that carry the secrets of sexual sin only become sicker and eventually terminal. We fear sharing these secret struggles because others will smell the stink and mess of my sin and we all know nobody likes messy and smelly situations in the church. Unlike my dead fish, marriages can truly be made anew and alive again but only if we take the right steps.

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God being God

We often through various means try to place constraints and limits upon God’s behavior. God will not respond nor will He respect our frail attempts to “box” him in. In other words, sometimes God acts like Manny Ramirez and does things that can only be explained as “God being God.”

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Looks like trouble!

Everyday thousands of children and adults walk right into trouble through unrestrained internet usage and are ambushed by the trap of pornography.

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Breaking the Cycle

I had to face the harsh reality that even though I always felt bad about my sin, I still enjoyed it and I “protected” my sin. The fact is, I was unable to stop my sex sin cycle and I was unable to change. Only GOD was able to change me. But in order for that to happen, I had to get out of His way.

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Through the Lying Eyes of Pornography-part 2

No longer was I a scared survivor medicating with pictures or videos of women or with relationships with other women. I’m a tenderhearted warrior!! Ready to fight!! I stand in the gap backed by The Sovereign God.

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Through the Lying Eyes of Pornography/Part one:

I struggled through many relationships in my early adulthood. Rejection after rejection made my escape to pornography a habit. I didn’t have to wonder what those women thought. Their eyes were always approving. Never rejecting. I feared rejection so much I often, very painfully, broke off relationships so I could say I wasn’t the one to get dumped.

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The Wise Men’s Example

The wise men still sought Jesus even after all the angels and shepherds had gone home. They could have discarded and put away their enthusiasm regarding this journey. They did not and they continued until they found Him. Let’s follow the wise men’s example and seek, follow, and worship Him year round through our daily normal activities.

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Approval Addiction

Everyone likes approval and it produces a pleasurable response when we receive it. The problem comes when we believe we “have to” receive someone or everyone’s approval. We become consumed and driven to obtain or chase the “high” of approval at any cost.

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The time has come- A Christmas wish

Whatever your chaos may be, know that God’s love, that was manifested through the gift of His son, can still bring peace into the midst of a world burdened with sin. He still is the Prince of Peace and all He asks us to do is to trust Him with those burdens that you cannot fix nor control.

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