Breaking the Cycle

Over the past few weeks, you have heard testimonies from several brothers and one sister in Christ of how God gave them victories and healing in the battle against sexual sin. I hope these messages have been an encouragement and reassurance that God is still in the restoration business. We will conclude this series today with one man’s challenge and steps to breaking the cycle.

David Jones
Restoration Path Ex. Director

Steps taken by one man to break the cycle of sexual sin:

Everyone’s battle with sexual sin is different, but if you are struggling with this specific sin, I hope that my story will encourage you and give you HOPE that change is possible. Here are the steps as they happened to me:

Step #1 – I began to pray “God, I am so sick of having this sin in my life and I am asking that You do WHATEVER it takes to rip it from me”. If you are NOT willing to pray this same prayer, please don’t waste your time reading the rest of this testimony because you are not ready. I had to face the harsh reality that even though I always felt bad about my sin, I still enjoyed it and I “protected” my sin. The fact is, I was unable to stop my sex sin cycle and I was unable to change. Only GOD was able to change me. But in order for that to happen, I had to get out of His way. So, if you can’t say “God, please do WHATEVER it takes”, then you are still in the phase of denial or unwilling to give up the sin.

Step # 2 – I confessed ALL my sexual sins to a couple of trustworthy friends AND my wife (I probably would recommend that you do step #3 before step #2. This is the order in which it happened for me so that is why I’m putting this as step #2, but depending on your situation, step #3 should be next). This step of confession is absolutely required and is the crucial step that I had always skipped in the past. My cycle would be as follows: sexual sin, guilt, pray for forgiveness, promise to God and myself that it will never happen again, passage of various lengths of time (sometimes a few months and sometimes only a few hours), and then I would give in to my sexual sin again and start the cycle all over. Over the years, the “cycle” became more predictable with triggers such as stress or boredom and for me, my sexual sins became more severe. Breaking the sexual sin cycle is often very different than other sins or addictions due to the deeply hidden nature of sexual sin, shame associated with the behavior, and fear of losing reputation or relationships. I completely understand the thoughts of “If anyone finds out, I will be hated”, “My wife will never forgive me”, or “I will lose everything I love including my wife and kids”. Here is another harsh reality I had to realize: MY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON EARTH INCLUDING MY WIFE AND KIDS. I know that is a difficult statement to handle but it is the truth and it was time for me to grow up and obey God even if I had to go thru some hard times in other relationships. If you are willing to trust God to take over and do whatever is necessary (see step # 1), then you also have to be willing to trust HIM to handle and restore your other relationships as well (and possibly make those relationships better than ever before).

Step # 3 – Get professional help. If your car breaks down and you are not a mechanic, you go see an expert. If your heat doesn’t work at your house, you call an expert. Experts have experience for diagnosing the problem and specialized tools to properly repair what is broken. Someone that continues to try to repair their car or heater on their own and the problem keeps recurring but yet refuses to get professional help is not very smart and for a very long time, I was an idiot. I kept thinking “I can fix it”, “I can quit”, “I got this”. Thankfully, I finally called David Jones at Restoration Path and he is definitely an expert. David Jones knew exactly how to diagnose my specific cycle and pinpoint the triggers and most importantly helped me to implement a plan of attack. He did not allow me to make excuses or put a Band-Aid on my sin but yet, with love, David spoke God’s truth and reminded me that God is calling me to be something different. He firmly helped me see clearly that “I ain’t got this” and that Satan will continue to win the battle unless I humble myself and allow Almighty God to take over. Alone, I know that I would not have been able to change and none of the changes that have happened are my doing; however, God IS able and He DID change me and is continuing to change me daily into the man He designed me to be. David Jones is a powerful tool being used by God to rebuild many men that Satan has managed to break. If you are sick of your sexual sin, I beg you to call David. I promise if you will follow his expert advice, God will change you as well.

My battle for purity continues each day, but I promise you, there is hope. If you too are caught in sexual sin, DO NOT WAIT ANOTHER DAY. I beg you to take action TODAY.

Humbly and Sincerely.

If you or a loved one finds yourself struggling with the dishonest world of sexual sin, then give us a call. We would be glad to work through the journey of healing with you. You can find out more about our services at


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