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Important Ministry Announcement

Welcome to our web site. We the staff and board of directors of Restoration Path hope that you find the information provided here to be helpful and encouraging. God is still in the restoration business and He can truly restore the years the locusts of sexual and relational sin may have taken from you, your family or a loved one.

Joel 2:25 25 “So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,… (NKJV)

Throughout the entirety of scripture we see Satan using sexual sin to destroy individuals, families and nations. Since the explosion of the internet, the delivery system for sexual sin has become instantaneous. The delivery system for help and healing, however, is often delayed by weeks and months or not available. The individual and family seeking help can also be burdened with the high costs associated with the long journey of recovery. Through the use of our online workshops and Skype biblical counseling, Restoration Path is providing an expedient and cost affordable delivery system for help and hope. We have taken decades of experience and biblical truth and to offer you life changing hope.

I have struggled with sexual sin for years but I live in a foreign country where no Christian counseling is available. I could never afford to come to the states for help. The video workshop gave me the biblical tools and hope that I needed to fight the good fight.”

Restoration Path is a Christian discipleship ministry that exists to restore those trapped in sexual and relational sin through the power of Jesus Christ. Through our online workshop, individual biblical counseling, and custom intensive programs, we seek to empower men and women to embrace their identity in Christ.

Our passion is to encourage people to posture themselves to receive God’s healing in their deep areas of emotional wounding, learn to meet their relational needs in healthy ways, and make good choices that harmonize with their deeply felt moral convictions.

Be sure to check out our resource page for numerous articles and books. We encourage you to browse our list of programs and contact us with any questions.

Psalm 51:1212 Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, And uphold me by Your generous Spirit. (NKJV)